We have been blessed by so many visits by friends and families . Recently we were having Captain and bro Vasco Rodrigues at Roslin Orphanage.  It was so special to us as we knew that his trip to Roslin was started from  Los Angeles , New York , Portugal , via Dubai and Jakarta then to Kupang . Such a long way to cover and coming to our orphanage. We really appreciate it very much. It was a pity that I was not there with him as I was stuck in New York due to the hurricane Sandy. Our thanks to bro Vasco for bringing so much love and patience on his visit to which so much activities with the children and quality time have been made. Thank you for creating so much joy and quality times with the children.  All of them were telling us that they want you to come back and to play football at the beach again. From all of us ; welcome in advance to your next visit .

bro Vasco , adorable Carina and sis Julia

Captain Vasco Rodrigues of United Airlines at Roslin Orphanage

with the little ones

bro Vasco helping us on installing the ceiliing of  the new storage house as one doing his labour of love


relocating some of the young trees

playing football at the beach till late in the evening


Waiting for your Captain Vasco's next visit and to have fun again with them


Dear Children of Roslin Ophanage

I'm sorry it took so long to post this. I want to thank you so much for being so kind to me and for behaving so well when I was at the Orphanage visiting you. I know that you always behave well and live in
harmony loving each other and God but I must say I was very impressed with you
everyday and how you made me feel very welcomed. I will always remember my stay
with you!. You are all so beautiful and also so very special for all the help
that you give each other and Ibu Peggy, Pa Budi and Marsalina, I'm sure they are
very proud of you. I cannot tell you when right now but I want you to know that
I'm planning to come visit you again with Julia and Carina and hopefully we'll
stay longer so that we can help you more. I promise I'll learn some bahasa so
that I can better speak and understand you. You are in our prayers everyday and
may God Bless you always!

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Vasco Rodrigues