WILL IT BE THE END OF THE WORLD IN DEC 2012 ??????????????

The answer to the title is we do not know and personally I do not fear or worry at all as " it can be a beginning of wonderful year to the world" . The world can be wonderful and very comfortable place to live IF all of us are practicing the love to others , respecting others, helping others, supporting others and trying our best to be useful to others. I hope that peace can be made among countries which are having disputes and people are not politicized matters for their own advantage. There will be so much joy and happiness if we can do things for others if we are able to do so. No matter how small if each individual are doing it together, collectively will be able to give a great impact towards the peace making and harmonious living in this world. We should see the beauty of an aquarium which consist of so many species of fish or water living creatures but the moment one species is starting to eat others then the aquarium will be a terrible place to so many others. Lets be kind to each other and build the harmonious environment from today onwards Have a blessed day to All , always.


Peace be with all of you

No one knows when the end of the world be

Do your best and lets respect others


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