Godlief Rehyaar , passed away due to heart attack at age 54


I was so happy for having my annual leave for the next 3 weeks started from September 24th . So much going on in my mind for so many activities that we will be doing at Roslin Orphanage during my annual leave period. As we are getting nearer to the school being completed , my annual leave was started by making a trip to Jogjakarta with Peggy to find good Batik cloth ( materials) for us to make the school uniform. We have been imagining to see the Roslin Kindergarten kids wearing colourful school uniform using Batik materials. We bought enough of Batik materials while we were in Jogjakarta. It was a great trip indeed to Jogjakarta , not only we are getting all the Batik Materials but it is so special to me as Jogjakarta is my birth place 56 years ago ( hometown) and we got the chance to visit my parents cemetery , my older brother cemetery and my other relative's cemetery of which they are at the same place. Other than that the food at Jogjakarta were so yummy as what I have been growing up with. From Jogjakarta , Peggy and I went to Surabaya to visit and to learn from a friend about the organic farming. We were shown so many good things about organic planing of which we can get away from the usual ( chemical) fertilizer. We visited so many farmers who were already doing the organic farming at Sidoarjo and Gresik cities. We brought along with us one of Roslin staff ( Delfi) and a pastor ( pastor Sepri) of which he is so much into farming. We were taught and learning together at so many places and we were convinced that we will be able to do it as well through Roslin Orphanage and its farms. As we arrived in Kupang , with full of joyful feeling about the new way of planting , we shared the ideas and knowledge to the farmers as much as we can . We want the farmers able to enjoy the same farming glory together with Roslin's farming. From October 1st Peggy, my self, Delfi , pastor Sepri and brother Godlief Rehyaar ( the one who has been with us since we laid the first brick for Roslin's buildings). We went to the villages and sharing with the farmers about the organic farming. bro Lief was brought deeply into the new way of planting as said that we would like to retire earlier from his job ( as the Nusa Tenggara Province's finance auditor) and doing Roslin's farming. For two days we were together traveling from morning to evening , meeting with farmers at few villages and sharing the organic farming. On October 2nd, we were on the same trip to the villages and it was a great trip as we were able to communicate well with the farmers. Not so easy for everybody to change their views or way of life unless if we can digest the new knowledge well and knowing that there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel. Our visit to the farmers was great and we headed to another place to see some locations of which we are planning to build proper school in the future ( from elementary to university). It is our dream if we can build and run a proper school in West Timor area of which education is well behind so many parts of Indonesia. It was so sad to see a math teacher not able to do the elementary school's exam paper. Our kindergarten is just a start for the bigger plans and dream that we are having. As we headed to the new place , we were stopping for a meal at one of the restaurant of which we were enjoying so much. After the meal bro Godlief was telling us that he will drive the car instead of Delfi who has been on the wheels since we started to trip in the morning on that day. Bro Lief was driving for about 30 minutes then he was telling us that he was feeling uncomfortable and asking Delfi to drive again. We stopped and they swapped seats. Some 2 or 3 km later bro Lief was asking us to stop the car as he needs to stand up and stretching . As he step down out of the car he was complaining of chest pain ( it has been quite frequent for the last few months for him). He asked us to massage his chest , arms and back . So we did the best we can . A passer on motor cycle was stopping and helping us too and later he went to buy massage oil at a very near place to warm up bro Lief's body. At 20:34 Bro Lief went unconscious and fell only after about 4-5 minutes after we stopped the car. We ran as fast as we can to the general hospital and when we reach the hospital we were refused and told that there is no more space at the emergency room. We went to the other hospital next door and trying to get bro Lief the needed help(s). It was so sad that he was unable to be helped . It was a sad day indeed to All at Roslin Orphanage for loosing one of the pioneer staff, a friend and a volunteer since some 12 years ago. Indeed it was a sad day BUT we should be happy too for knowing that bro Lief is already with The Lord and living with all the glory, up in heaven.

Inyo , Godlief only son was so devastated for the sudden departure of his dad

A big lost to All at Roslin ,bro Godlief was  a person who has been with us even before our building

was not even existing yet. He was voluntarily responsible for so many things including seeing the children needs for schooling and their well being

There is no fresh flower available in Kupang , so we got them for bro Godlief,specially flown from Jakarta , Thanks to bro Jonny Herjawan for helping us to get lots of Jasmines, roses and Cananga Orodata or in Indonesian as bunga Kenanga.   Thank you for sending them to us within hours even though we were some  3 hours of flight time away .

These are the " flowers" or bouquet  which are available in Kupang

even the little Joel and Karina were feeling the lost , showing how close we are as a family

in Roslin Orphanage. Joel was asking where pak Lief went away to.

The final resting place for bro Godlief Rehyaar

Edu was hit badly as he remembers bro Lief was the person who also came to his " muddy hut" when he was born . He was the closest child to bro Lief.

Sharing about Romans 14 : 7-8

We must do our best while we can and given the time to beliving  on earth.

We shall be living in peace at any time

Saying our prayers and thanking to The Lord for being given the chance to do so many things together with bro Godlief Rehyaar for the last 12 years .

Worship and singing together with musical instruments played by our own orphanage children. with two guitars , ukulele and Cajon ( hand drum)

Iren sharing her memories about bro Lief and her being helped in so many ways and things

Delfi sharing about his great lost as he was with bro Lief since he was 12 years old .

It was 16 years in total that Delfi was bro Lief.

Marsalina has no one to greet in the morning as she usually does every day as she opens her room. Marsalina has been closely working and coordinating with bro Lief while Peggy and I are not at the orphanage

Vony who is now studying at the university told us that without pak Lief , I will not be what I am today

We lost a great family member of Roslin

A sad day but one by one were sharing fun things that they were doing with pal Lief


Saya bisa merasakan kesedihan dan kehilangan dari foto2 yg pak Budi sharing, saya merasa ada disitu..
Rest in Peace pak Lief..

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