Dear All

Thank you for your prayers and kindness. Yesterday the opened heart surgery for our son Christian Sebastian was carried successfully and followed by a good recovery progress as I write this entry.

 Indeed God has been listening to your prayers and He grants us His Mercy and Grace. We got the news about the completed surgery at around 17 20 pm and was able to talk to Christian even though his eyes were closed. Indeed righteous way of praying is very powerful and so true. Thank you for doing it and whole operation process was so smooth and better then what we were expecting.

We were staying for few hours with him right after he came out from the operating room and we even saw him tasting his first Popsicle. We were so happy to see him progressing well and even hearing his jokes while he was having his eyes closed too.

Today for only 24 hours after the surgery Christian is already albe to walk and and doing better and better recovery . Praise The Lord.

Praise The Lord and Our thanks to the Vanderpol family for the all out efforts to help us with all that we need even though they must be dealing with their own very busy activities. Thank you MIke , Tina, Justin, Linden and Jayden for all the supports that you have given us regardless of the timing and the magnitude. You made it all to be possible. Thank you indeed.

Our thanks to DR Jonathan Burns , who was the first doctor to discover a problem with Christian's heart and sent him for further testing. Had it not been to this detection, none of us would have known that Christian had a huge hole in his heart. Thank you DR Jonathan Burns, Praise The Lord for the finding.

Our thanks to Dr Gandhi and Dr Clayton for a job well done. Thank you to all the nurses and staff of BC Children hospital for such a great and comforting services to us. Indeed they are so friendly and yet so professional upon doing their job.

Thank you to Abbotsford ChristianSecondary School for all of the prayers and all teh help concerning Christian's schooling matters.

Thank you to pastor Sid Couperus for stopping by and conducting special prayer for Christian in the middle of your busy day. We really appreciate it very much.

Thank you to mas Tos , mas Tommy , mas Sendja, mbak Yayuk and Rosy for all the prayers.

Thank you to our bro and sis from FCAP of Singapore for all the prayers . Thank you to pastor Suwidji and all the congregation of IPDG church in Queens , New York for the prayers.

Thank you to Pascal Franchot  from The Ten Planet and Steve Adelman in Holywood for all the prayers and encouragements before and when we are dealing with the surgery.

Thank you to bro Eddie Sung of Singapore for all the prayers.

Thank you to sis Lois Ewald and all staff from The Hepzibah house in Manhattan , New York ,for all the prayers.

Thank you to Mommy Rae Hogan in Sydney , Australia , Thank you to bro Erik Koyama in Copenhagen for the good wishes and nonstop prayers.

Thank you to Mr Stan Maringka for the prayers, really appreciate it very much.

Thank you to sis Suellen, bro Clarence and your whole church congregationmembers  in Los Angeles for all the encouragements and prayers

Our thanks to bro Kamar Ilyas of UK for the nonstop prayers.

Thank you to fellow Rotarian from Rotary E Club of Singapore and all fellow Rotarian in District 3310 for the prayers . Thank you to bro Rotarian  President Elect Captain Chris Bek for managing the club for me while I am away.

Thank you to Rotary Club Johor Bahru , Rotary Club Sentosa and other Rotarian friends  for all the good wishes and prayers,

Thank you to all fellow pilot in Singapore Airlines for all the prayers.

Thank you to All of which I am unable to say your names one by one on this entry.

Have a blessed day to All, always


Budi , Peggy , Christine, Tassya and Christian Soehardi

before the surgery

with Aunty Tina Vanderpol and Justin Vanderpol

with Tassya , Ms Devina Sugiono and mama Peggy

In the ICU room after the surgery

a visit by pastor Sonny Mandagie

A visit by fellow  Rotarian Andy Rotary Club East Delta and

Rotarian Arifin from Rotary Club White Rock of Vancouver


History and a record for us

Christian has made a history today , March 17th morning 2011. He was still at the ICU room  and 23 hours after the operation. When we were trying to see him it was said that  he was sent to the Xray room. While we were still on the phone , we saw Christian walking back on his own at a speed as if he is ok and well.  Later in the ICU room after the routine checking of pulse , heart bit and other lab's result we were given a very surprising news by the Doctor and nurses . Christian will be discharged from the hospital even though he was still in the ICU room. Praise The Lord for the super fast recovery . Thank you for all of the prayers.

a routine check up by Dr Annie

posing with Dr Gandhi and special nurse Tatiyana of BC Children Hospital

being notified that he can leave the hospital right away

Nurse Linda removing all of the cables and monitoring sensors

getting ready

saying goodbye to the bed in the ICU room

after the final briefing by Nurse Jan Rooks who gave us the sweet pillow cover for Christian

On the road and on the way home

Home again at the Vanderpol's home in Abbotsford


May GOD always BLESS your Family ya Om..

Hendi Singapore

God is Great and He always does
To God be The Glory , always

Hi Pak Budi & Christian ...
God is good all the time ... HE helped you from heart surgery & amaze me that you met Pastor Sonny Mandagie ... wowww ... it's really a small world ... Hope you get full recovery soon ... Love & pray in Christ ... Betty, Calabasas - CA

Congrats Christian - you are an inspiration to many kids around the world!! Amazing to see you back on your feet within 2-3 days of your op. Budi (& Peggy) - you are blessed to have such a wonderful & strong son. Very happy for you after the ordeal of the past fortnight!! God bless.

Dear Giri and family

Thank you brother for your encouragements
Yes a blessing in disguise and we are glad is all over now.
Christian is already very active again but still not allowed to swim and getting a direct sun to the chest yet.
Other than than he is ok .


Puji Tuhan, lekas pulih ya....

Terima kasih


Lieber Budi, Liebe Peggy. Preis den Heern ! Praise d Lord 4 what He hs done w/ yr son Christian. We hv a great God, El Shaddai. All d glory is only 4 Jesus. Gruesse aus Jakarta, Lanny Djaja

Dear Budi, Peggy & Christian,

May the Lord nourish you, spirit, soul and body; protect you and make you lie down in peace. May the Lord release His presence, His power and His blessing upon you.

Much love,

Seah Sim and Sophia

Dear bro Seah Sim and sis Sophia , Ibu Lanny Widjaja , mbak Betty Gumira Lambeth and All

Thank you for all of the prayers and kindness.
My son , Christian's healing progress has been good and fast because of your prayers.
We really appreciate it very much

have a blessed day

Budi and family

Dear Cpt Budi, bu Peggy and Christian
Thanks God Jesus
Because God is good and always giving grace and glory and mercy!
Daniel and fam

Terima kasih Captain Daniel atas doa2 nya yang telah dipanjatkan sehingga anak kami diberikan kesembuhan dengan sangat cepat

Just managed to read yr write-up. Am praising the Lord for watching over 'little' Christian all his life. May our Lord continue to bless each and everyone of you, and the children at Panti Asuhan. :)

Love, Chris & Lay Kean

Thank you god for successful surgery of the Christian Sebastian. It is really a good work by doctors who was operating him. Get well soon.
Regards : Cardiac Surgery India

Wow! I'm so glad that Christian is okay. You've got some great pictures on this post too.