It is December and it is a special moment to us as we will celebrate Christmas together and to share our joy with others the best we can . Please come and join us at Roslin Orphanage as we will need some extra man power to wrap gifts of around 1000 units. These gifts are for the children at some 29 villages , so that some of them can celebrate the up coming Christmas . We have bought some 3,5 truck loads of items and we intend to distribute the gifts around the 17th or 18th December. This year we are able to give more because we are being helped by Yayasan JPCC Foundation on buying the gifts for others. Usually we are only making some 200 gifts but Praise The Lord we can do more . Our thanks to pastor Jeffrey Rahmat - senior pastor of Jakarta Praise Community Church with its armlength  humanity/charity organisastion called Yayasan JPCC, to bro Jonny Herjawan who spearheaded the activities and to all from Yayasan JPCC Foundation in Jakarta,  for the supports and encouragements to practice the spirit of giving during this special month . The gifts will be something that a family can at least have a decent meal or two for their Christmas day celebration complete with some desserts and snacks for the family. The main recipient will be the orphanage's children family and their neighbors. The gifts will be packed inside the plastic bucket of which the bucket later will be used as their water storage . Each bucket is having  a lid so their water can stay clean and can be less possibility for the airborne bacteria to go into the bucket  or no posibility of their pets like dogs or cats drinking their drinking water of which may contaminate the water.


The orphanage children were Off loading the goods from the truck for making our Christmas gifts


bro Arifin Sutjiadi a member of  Rotary Club of White Rock, Vancouver helping us to off load the gifts during the beginning of his  holiday ( before going back to his home town)



Packing the Christmas gifts , day and night for 4 days at Roslin Orphanage hall

This is the annual activity for Roslin's children to learn about loving and giving to others


With the spirit of loving and giving the orphanage children doing the packing happily



Christine and Dani ( one of the orphanage children who is studying for marine engineering)  at 3 am packing sugar into  3 kgs packaging for the distribution.


umbrellas and eggs

We are ready to go and to distribute " love gifts " for some of the family of the orphanage's children

These boys will be going to the university next year


The direct distribution is in progress

all are reaching the ultimate receivers and nothing is missing

On this village we are sharing with 187 families of things which we are blessed with

2 buses and a truck were used for this trip ( 28 villages more to go)



bro Jonny Herjawan actively distributing the gifts at Fatumnasi Village

sunny day or rainy day we have to do it as it has been some 200 - 250  km away from Roslin


We are also thanking to " Langkah kasih group" , bro Charles Tan, sis Intan Jingga , sis Merry Lim  and friends again has given us 2000 pair of shoes which we will distribute them to the school children at the remote schools. Volunteers are welcome to participate on the distribution process. This year we have distributed 2000 pair of shoes to the school children for schools in the montain areas and up to a radius of 300 km from Roslin Orphanage.

Another 2000 pair of shoes from " Langkah Kasih group" to be distributed soon

" Langkah Kasih group members"

The targeted number of shoes to be distributed for free to the less fortunate students ( children)  at remote schools for next year ( 2013)  by the group is 20 000 pairs or even more .


This month we have a friend from Vancouver, Rotarian Arifin Sutjiadi. From his contact a rototiller or hand tractor was given to Roslin Orphanage to pass it to another group of farmers. We have several group of farmers already of which we distributed to them a rototiller for each group. We are hoping that eventually they will be able to buy rototiller on their own after having several good harvests. Thank you bro Arifin for making some more happier and being helped upon doing their farming. Thank you to " Santevia" company for being the donator for this one rototiller to our farmers. We will make the report to you as soon as the farmers finished with their harvest for this season.


At Roslin Orphanage, as you all know that we have been so blessed for having our own water source . It was arranged by God that some friends which were unknown to us came and help us by financing the drilling and making us independent on getting our own drinking water. As we are being helped and made sufficient , we are also giving the same drinking water to the village people daily for about 12 000 liters every day for free. Just come to our orphanage and people can just get the water from the 3 tabs at the orphanage's fence, another 3 tabs at our Christati home stay and at our other property nearby the orphanage. The clean water is from The Lord so we are oblige to share it with others as much as possible. Praise The Lord for being made capable to have enough water daily . Beside giving away the water through tabs at the wall of the properties , we are also giving away drinking water with our water truck for those who is (are) having function like wedding or others. It has been so rewarding to see people being helped and smiling even though we are giving nothing but drinking water ( to so many people, water is nothing special but in West Timor or similar place , it is so precious).

At the moment together with our bro Jonny Herjawan of "Yayasan JPCC Foundation " , we are paving up a way to give drinking water to a village or two soon . If any one is willing to participate we might be able to give more than just one or two village the precious drinking water, please join us.

This is the water tank is  inside the orphanage wall which daily filled up twice with drinking water for the villagers. We are so blessed that one of our brother was finacing the water drilling to  us . For that we are trying our best to distribute and or share the water to others.

The 3 tabs outside the orphanage wall for the people getting their drinking water

It is so privilege for us to be able to share good drinking water to the village people

It is nice to see them smiling and healthy


As you might know that Roslin Orphanage has been self sufficient on rice but for this year and for a bout 3 months we have to buy the rice because were giving away some 10 tonnes of our own grown rice to others. It is ok because in about 3 months time we will have our harvest again and we will be able to have enough of rice for the next whole year. For this planting season we are so blessed with the new tractor so that we can do more planting and bigger harvest is on the way . We have shared the work with some farmers on opening our new fields because we do not have enough man power to work on all of our land. We share the work and we will share the harvest , praise The Lord for the opportunity to share on so many things with others.

One of our rice fields condition at this time. We are hoping that the harvest will be great in few months time so that we can share again with others


As this write up is being written, Peggy , our daughter Christine , some of the older orphanage children and our bro Jonny are in the process of giving away the 100 liter size plastic containers for drinking water to the villagers at Takari village (some 75 km away from the Roslin Orphanage) . At the same time we are giving away one new rototiller ( hand operated tractor) for a new group of farmers and a machine for them to separate the husks of rice from the bunch. The Rototiller is the one that was given by our friend in Vancouver. It is a meaningful trip as we are able to share things but also an efficient trip because on the way home our truck can be filled with good quality of sand of which we need it for our buildings.


At Roslin Orphanage we share the work according to their ages , for example we are sharing the vegetable planting according to what they want to plant. We bought different seeds according to the children's request like spinach ( water spinach or the other type of spinach), tomatoes, chilies, cabbage, egg plant etc. Beside planting the seeds we are also teaching the children about grafting on our mango trees.

Sharing the work with gladness


bro Arifin with two different types of Spinach ( Popeye's trees) planted by the children

" Manalagi" mangoes is green outside but very much yellow inside and sweet

Come in end of November or early December , we will share the mangoes with you

On the next entry we will share with you how We are trying to duplicate Roslin orphanage's land on a very stoney place near the orphanage . The land at Roslin was also very stoney and through the hard work of 11 years we have changed it into very fertile and fruitful land. By sharing the hard work , we do not feel the hardship upon doing it. Best of all , while doing the hard work , we are being entertained by eating own grown veggies and our sweet and juicy mangoes. Praise The Lord for it.



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