The building was started by digging the stoney piece of land , all were dug manually . It was not an easy thing to do but with the committments and looking at the purposes all of us the have been working hand in hand and many days were doing it day and night too. All are conducted step by step and many times were being stopped due to the heat of which around 35 to 36 C during the day with no wind blowing.

Now we can already see the form clearly even though some adjustments must be made with the playground area's arrangements . We are predicting that things can be done within 3 months from now and in January we can have the classes already. It will be a great Christmas and New Year news for the children at the orphanage and also the children around the orphanage to have a school for them.  There is no kindergarten in our area for a long long time .The building consists of 2 buildings attached to each other and the total area is about 1200 M2. It has 10 classrooms and few other rooms like dining room , changing room, counsellingroom , the office and some washrooms.

  For those who want tocone and  be a temporary teacher are welcome.

There will be plenty of rooms to spare , so we will use some of the rooms for other activities like a group of doctors can do their free treatments to the society or someone to give free tuition to the students ( primary, secondary as well as high school students).

We are at the stage of installing the tiles now ( the floor work), please pray with us so that things can be done soon and satisfactorily .

it was just a stoney land when we started to have the idea to make it into a school

Some pointers by Peggy about the layouts of the school building


The digging part


Peggy was doing the inspection at 01 00 am

during this stage and time ( season) we were doing less during the day due to the heat and we were doing things at the evening hours till about 3 am






There will be a playground set installed infront  this kindergarten, A good friend from Singapore has donated the playground set but currently is still at the custom and being proccessed. It has been more than one month the set cannot be realesed yet. We hope soon it will be able released and we can install it at this kindergarten.

The floor work has been commenced since few days ago.


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