It was so discouraging when we saw for the first time of the location of where Roslin Orphanage is now. It was so stoney so rugged and so hard to do just anything on it.,As we know that Timor island was a raising sea bed. The good soil is so thin and the water table is so deep. That was 12 years ago. NOW we are so blessed for being enabled to change the harsh environment into a productive grounds at which we cannot even imagine that Roslin Orphanage's ground was so bad. If you are visiting us now , you will be seeing plenty of good and healthy trees and for this time of the year our mango trees are showing off their abilities to take your attention away to them.

This was the land where Roslin Orphanage is now.

The similar land that we are currently doing the land clearing at a near by location from Roslin Orphanage

We are trying to duplicate what we have done to the land at Roslin Orphanage at this land

These stones will be used as the fondation materials to our buildings

These are mangoes at Roslin Orphanage now

These mango trees are planted from just a small  branches after being grafted. Peggy has been  making sure that every day are watered . Now we are making lots of grafting ourself and hoping that we can plant so many trees at the new land which is so stoney like what we had before at the orphanage's ground. The orphanage is now a nice place with so many productive trees and the credit goes to Peggy, who is managing the place mostly by herself . All of us at Roslin are so blessed because of Peggy's hard work

These mangoes called as Arum Manis mangoes ( arum= fragrance , manis = sweet)

These are  " Manalagi " mangoes

or maybe we can translate its name as : "  give me more " mangoes

it will remains green out side but yellow and ripe inside

Nothing is better than eating our own mangoes together with our Roslin Orphanage's siblings

All of the transformation of the land has been the collective work done  by the Roslin Orphanage residence, big and small.


Organic , sweet and its our own tree , what else can we ask for ?


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