2014-11-20 23:16
Liong That Hoa
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Jakarta IndonesiA

Hi, pak Budi dan Ibu pegy mudah2an semakin banyak orang yg mengikuti jejak kalian

2014-08-20 21:12
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DP Tick
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Praises to your work.Usif/Raja/Liurai Leopold Nicolaas Isu Nisnoni is the king of Kupang,Liurai of Sonbai Kecil.His dynasty one of the 2 branches of the imperial dynasty of Sonbai.He is the direct descendant of the paramount emperor of Timor.So to call him a tribal leader is not the correct description.For the rest:many compliments on your work.

Salam hormat:
DP Tick

2013-09-17 17:10
Jennifer Suryadi

Mama Peggy, Christine and Christian....we just want to thank you for your kind welcome during our visit last Saturday, Sept 14th 13. The moment we entered the location we can feel the love of God in that place. The thing that you have done and showed to us blessed us so much. Especially when we see Christine and Christian, how they really have a heart to help those children. We will keep you all in our prayers. We surely will email you for further. Tuhan berkati.

2013-01-16 06:11
Anna-Marie Carstens

Dear Budi and Peggy
I am so inspired and humbled by what you do at Roslin orphanage. You and your children do truly remarkable work. I will tell the people at our church about Roslin Orphanage and ask them to make a donation.
God bless your work.
Kindest regards,
(PS: My daughter was very sad when her roomie at TWU did not return this semester and hopes to see her soon. It must be so hard for you when your children study so far away from home.)