Some guidance and pointers from Peggy and Budi at the end of the school holiday

School holiday is over in Indonesia , all the relaxing and fun days must be reduced. It is a new term , all are new and it should be dealt with a great opened mind. New classroom , new grades , new teachers , new chairs, new school subjects , new school uniforms and may be new friends. It can be hard to wake up in the morning again and taking cold shower. It has been a great school holiday where things are so relaxed and cold shower can be delayed until the sun is a little higher. It has been a great school break for the Roslin Kids , from the beginning of the school break we have been encouraged by so many friends from so many different nationalities visiting us and were interacting with them. New games and new songs have been taught and and practiced.

On guiding the children about what school to study and what to be studied was giving us a shock. The knowledge of the children about their interpretations  on some university studies, was so narrow we are so sorry to some many children outside the orphanage that they are hardly getting any chance to be told by someone who knows about university and some goals in life. To our orphanage children of which were coming from the very remote places are so sad to be known to us. For most of them , they will never have any idea about the importance of studying at an agriculture school or others. To them they were thinking that if someone is studying at an agriculture university will be taught about how to plow their land better ( manually) or things that they already knew as a farmer . Also in their minds that studying in an IT ( computer ) university was to be taught to connect cables and not knowing about to be programmer or so many other things that a computer can be used. None of them knew that in the university will be taught so many things about how to better on their farming, how to use fertilizer properly or even to create new species of plants of which more suitable to be farmed at different soil or places.  On this gathering we shared with them what they can expect to learn from different universities and what can be done to make things better through research and laboratory works.  If to them a doctor is someone who are allowed to do an injection , we told them that they must study well and to know exactly on what to inject and the doses to be given etc. Not all illnesses can be cure with the same kind of injection or same medication. From this health aspects we told them about pharmacists, doctor and specialist doctors, architecture and many more careers that can be chosen by our self according to our passions, If  to them are limited to what they have seen , we open up more horizons to them on what they can become if they are willing to study hard and willing to develop them self .


This was the children after dinner and after we gave them some encouragements about schooling I was only teaching 2 of them to play the ukulele and the Cajon. The Songs was chosen by them self and sang without any practice at all. Praise The Lord

For this new term 3 people from Roslin Orphanage have joined the universities. Inyo Rehyaar has joined the mechanical engineering, Vonny has joined the IT university, Ance has joined Agriculture university. It is great that Inyo joining the university but it means we must find another person to send off and to pick up the children in their schooling. It had been Inyo's duty to drive the school bus for Roslin Orphanage. Naomi who has graduated from high school choose to take a year break and asking Peggy to teach her about hospitality related subjects from managing the hotel to cooking so many varieties of food. 24 children are in the high school , 19 children are studying in the middle school and 31 children studying in primary ( elementary) school. Some children are not in their schooling age yet till next year and some babies too that we must look after them while others are schooling. Indeed there are so many children must go to school and to be transported at the same time , it is a big job to be done every morning to us. It will be a big task to do but we are made easy to do it because we are so blessed to have the transportation means ( we have 2 buses for it ) .

Praise The Lord that we are blessed with a new school bus by The Lord through sis Serene, bro Mark Lee and " TMO" friends from the DBS Bank of Singapore last year. Our thanks to TMO and friends for providing us the essential equipment to support our activities. We really appreciate it very much . Preparing the school uniforms ( clothing) , shoes , school bags , writing utensils and books for one or two children is quite easy but doing it for so many children is a big task to do. We must use a big car ( bus) to do the shopping and to separate them according to their age groups or classes. We are so blessed that the older children are able to help us to do all the job. With our guidance, things can be done with fun and best of all we are experiencing a great togetherness and team bonding stronger among us. Praise The Lord indeed.


Preparing the uniforms for the new school term which is the next morning

We are so blessed with the new bus from TMO and friends of Singapore from DBS Bank friends

So every morning we can use two buses for the children to go to school, Praise The Lord

The primary ( elementary) school children

The secondary school children

The High School children

While the orphanage children are coming back to school , our own children ( Christine, Tassya and Christian ) are still having their summer breaks until the beginning of September . We are so thankful that all of our 3 children are helping us to run the orphanage on routine activities. They were doing it for at least the last 10 years now, Praise The Lord.

Our daughter Tassya teaching her orphaned siblings



To be continued


Usually much easier stated after that done, but most men and women have had
the knowledge that their particular brain just don't stop and keeps all of them awake.

Summer holidays for mainly kids are a time to relax, enjoy themselves, and vicious circle on studies, or to expend time with relatives or family. A lot of families journey jointly on school holidays. I am doing work with AssignmentCorner, and I am missing my school life. Thank you for this awesome editorial..

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