The bun that we made for the school children

Another shoes distribution was conducted and this time we have the privilege of 3 persons who are the members of "Langkah Kasih" were with us ( Ms Yennyver Gin Ms Lesley Simpson and bro Daniel Setiawan ). Beside these 3 person were so lucky to have Widi and Daniel Maren . For Daniel Maren , who is from New York , Manhattan, this visit is his 7th time to Roslin Orphanage. While we were doing the distribution bro Martin Fort and ms Melon came to join us . bro Martin will come again in May and this time he will come with his dear wife.

This time we were distributing shoes at Tasipa village. On this trip we are also giving the school children a bun and a glass of milk before giving them the shoes. It has been so sad to see most of the children at this Nusa Tenggara Province ( those who are schooling out side of the city area) are without shoes when they are attending the school. At this village to most of them are for the first time they are having a pair of shoes. After the shoes being distributed we were quite busy to give hints to the school children on how to do the shoe laces . Some were just tied the last hole of the shoe laces and some were doing it from up to down direction. It is easy but for a first timer can be a puzzle which yet to be solved.

At this school we are so happy to see the new school building which is in the form of a permanent building now. It was started with a hut and we built it together with the farmers back then. This is also a solid prove that a togetherness will bring goodness to all. That time is was so sad to see the primary ( elementary) one school children were around 11 to 12 years old . That is to make sure that they can walk far enough to attend a school of which was so far away. Now is a happy seen as we are witnessing primary one school children at around 6 or 7 years old as they are now having a good near by school. Here is the link for us to see the old school.

It was a beautiful day when we were distributing the shoes

The school children were so happy to our first bus passing through and they were running back to the school of which the distance was about 2 km when they saw our bus. Our busses have been seen quite frequently entering this village as some of the Roslin orphanage's children are from this village.

Arriving at the school


The happy crowds


The students were singing for us while we were preparing the bun, the milk and the shoes for them

Preparing the bun and the milk

Ance ( of the orphanage children) was taking the attendance's list while the students patiently waiting for the dustribution.  Ance and four other girls will be joining the university in July

Distributing the bun and milk

some one accidently spilled his glass of milk on his face

So sorry it was an accident that I spilled your milk brother , I did not mean it

Starting with the shoes distribution , one by one came for it according to the names being called.

If you can remember on the old posting, we get their shoes being measured one by one by means of drrawing their feets on an A4 size papers. From the sizes on a piece of paper, Langkah Kasih brothers and sisters sent them to the factory to make the shoes.

I have a pair of shoes now , thank you and Praise The Lord

One of the girl was trying to work things out on installing the shoe laces

Tomorrow I will be wearing shoes

Mister please help us to do the shoe laces please

The school principal was trying to help

Happily posing together in front of their new school

Please look after the shoes properly and we will come back with new shoes next time

This was our precious first school's rubles

This is our current school building

After the shoes distribution we were giving us a treat by means of visiting the country side and seeing paddy fields and some of them are also our paddy field. If you come next month you may help us to harvest the paddy ( rice) . We were also refreshed by the stopping at a stream and at the end of that day we were even having a good time at the beach area. It was a busy day and it was quite tiring but all of us were so happy and refreshed at the end of that distribution day.

At Lasiana beach I was making the initiative to run and Peggy was encouraging the rest to follow me jogging. We got the chance to see how people climbing up and down the sea coconut trees upon making their palm sugar . It was so sweet and so fresh when we were drinking the newly harvested zap that they collected from the top of the sea coconut trees . The zap later will be processed into palm sugar.

Good to be together and doing things together

After a hard work we hardly can see that they were looking tired

a refreshing scenary of paddy fields

Happy together at the beach and celebrating the glorious day , Praise The Lord always