Last update:  January 2015

Roslin Orphanage is located in West Timor, about 10 minutes from “Eltari Airport” in Kupang City. Founded by Budi and Peggy, officially opened by the Nusa Tenggara Timur province governor on March 6, 2002 ( it was started in Dec 1999 ).

Budi was a pilot for Garuda Indonesia , Korean Airlines, Singapore airlines, Scoot Airlines  then since June 2015 has decided to retired and to be full time looking after the orphanage while  Peggy was an airline  stewardess with Garuda Indonesian Airways for 9 years then a house wife and now as the care taker and manager for the orphanage from the start.

Our togetherness is the main strength and we are trying to maintain this togetherness throughout and to all of the children. It is our strong sense of belonging to the place and to each other that matter most to us.

Roslin orphanage is trying its best to help to shape up the children's future by giving them as much education as possible. After the children are finished with their schooling (hopefuly all able to graduate from the university) the orphanage will return them to their own people hoping that they will build their own home town and their own people. Roslin Orphanage is not giving any children for an adoption.

The name Roslin was being formed by combining two Timorese grandma's names who were giving good advices to Peggy when she was a little girl. Both of them were advising Peggy what’s good to be done and how to be a better person in life ( they were not Peggy's real grandmas) . Good values were passed to her and we think that it is a good way to remember them both by combining their names in the orphanage's name. From Grandma Rosalind and grandma Violin the name Roslin was formed.


Vision and Mission of Roslin Orphanage


Basically is to help children at risk and to develop their maximum potential.

By doing so they can to be agents of positive change , contributing meaningfully to their communities.

For example : Doctor in Bali who himself was an orphan child  who treated for free Johanes Bana ,who was once a child at Roslin. He waived all the doctor's fees right through the ICU treatments.   Also another Doctor in Surabaya who recently treated Janri , one of Roslin's child for his ear operation waived all the charges and even brought our child out for sight seing and meals.

To improve the lives of the people in the community by out reach and knowledge sharing like an out reach and knowledge sharing about health matters, illness prevention on Malaria and tubercullosis and other illnesses.  Also to share knowledge about farming as to break the poverty cycle through farming and other education related activities.

We will do our best on equiping/raising/ building individuals to become agents of positive change who will contribute meaningfully in their communities.

Children, Staff, and Facilities

As of December 2014  we are having 178  children which majority of them are under 10 years old and they have been living at the orphanage since they are “days old babies”. The youngest child is 6 months old and the oldest is 25 years old and his name is Gerson. He has graduated from the Medical School.  In July 2015  22 of the older children have left us after graduated from school. It was so sad to let them go but it is their choice of path  ( Even though we want them all to continue their studies to the university ).  Currently there are 11 children studying at the university. Next year we are expecting to have a family celebration as 3 of our children should be graduated from the university on agriculture, mechanical engineering and computer science.


We are having 5 people to assist us on looking after the orphanage day to day activities. Two people for looking after the babies, two persons as drivers and one person , Marsalina Oematan , she has been with us for the last 19 years to over look the progress and making sure that everyone are taking part of the day to day duties. The rest of the routines are being conducted by the older orphanage children helping the little ones. The little ones are not only observing, but also learning in the form of working along with the older ones as their efforts to be self sufficient and independent in the later years. All of the management and decision making are based on their inputs and decided by my wife and myself.

The orphanage size is 11,150 m2. Inside the compound we have 8 buildings and 4 more building to be built in the future.

Our Farm

Roslin orphanage has been self sufficient on rice since April 2008.

40 km (25 miles) away from the orphanage is our rice field which is about 30,000 m2 (7,5 acres) with more land to be cleared next to it of 60,000 m2 (15 acres). There are two more rice fields but at a different locations. For further development we will need a good land clearing machine if possible. The newly made banana farm is in progress of 30,000 m2 (7,5 acres) which is about 3 km (2 miles) away from the rice field.

In the next few months we will have our newly made banana farm capable of supporting the orphanage on teaching the children more about farming and at the same time to produce food source and even making some income when we are selling the banana to the public. For this farm we need some help for obtaining the small bulldozer which hopefully can be rented locally. So far we have been doing it by means of manual labour which not only slow but we have been often hurts on dealing with the sharp thorny trees upon clearing the farm land.


A new farm is in the making and it is designated as an eco village of which all plants will be organic plants and using the organic feriliser both from cow dunk as well as from the dead leafs or others. It was originally a rocky land and never been utilized as a farm land because there is not much of top soil on it . By doing the land clearing and a hard work of about two years , Roslin has managed to changed the rocky surfaces of which it was a raised sea bed into a farm land as what we can see on the picture below.  We wish to have our own excavator one day as to work some more on changing the rocky land into a productive land ( currently Roslin is renting the excavator when able)

More Buildings in the Future

When we have completed building the girl’s dorm we will have more children joining the orphanage and currently we are having 170 children in total. It was the space and finacial means that is limiting us from having more children at Roslin Orphanage.  We are so blessed for being able to maintain the hygiene because we are having our own water source at the orphanage’s ground. By having our own water we will be able to plant more veggies and others just to fulfil our need in food and vitamins from the organic plantations.

Currently we are having 5 girls doing the nursing school, one on her third year of agriculture university, one doing the final year for mechanical engineering and one doing the third year on computer science. In Timor both doctors and nurses are so limited on its number. We need more medical related people to be serving this area. We are so blessed that one of our orphan ,Gerson has completed his medical school which making us to have our inhouse doctor and nurses.

We have been conducted Roslin KIndergarten for the last 3 years on our own building just next to the orphanage building. The kindergarten is for our own children as well as for the children at our community.

In the future we are planning to build a medical clinic to serve the community which Gerson will be incharge for it

Visit us for your School project?

If you are planning to visit us for your school project or a social project of your office as a social responsibility program, please do so. We can facilitate all the required programs on programs such as activities with the orphanage and the orphanage’s children, we can involve you with the village people on farming, mechanical building, education for the villagers, health enhancement to the village people and having classes for the people in enriching their knowledge on any aspects in the society.
It will be good if I can be there with you during my annual leave or my off days but without me , my wife , Peggy will be able to handle all of the maters accordingly. Just let us know in advance about your objectives of the trip and we will do our best to facilitate and to make sure that we have a good coordination without any miss understanding about the main purpose or the essence of the trip.

Roslin has built a kindergarten for the community, it is a Montesorri kindergarten and it is a free of charge for the village children who are attending the school. The school has graduated one batch of students and now is entering the second year.

For those who wants to help out at the school are welcome to participate the teaching




I'm located in Singapore and I've a carton of clean soft toys I would like to donate to the orphanage.
Please let me know how where I can pass the items to you.


Dear Cpt Budi,
I am from a separate Singapore Motherhood Forum group. It might be possible to coordinate something from our end too. Could I check with you if you are willing to accept a range of items for the children - clothes, feeding bottles, brushes, toys etc?
How do we collect them and send it to you?
We would like to do this as a Christmas Giving.
Please let us know. We are very touched by the stories.


Dear Captain B,
May you and Peggy be blessed with all the strength and support needed for taking care of beautiful children.

We moved to Singapore recently and my daughter is 1year old now. I had saved her used toys and clothes in good condition to donate and came upon your site. Would you consider taking them - Rainforest mobile, Rainforest Bouncer, Play mat, children's clothing etc. If yes, I can poll my friends as well for more children's toys/items.

My contact is 8228 7666 (Costa Rhu, Ancilla 02-12).

Merry Christmas and A Joyous and Happy Holiday season to everyone.
+65 8228 7666

Dear Budi, Peggy and family,

I would like to donate a month of my life to your orphanage. I work with Four Seasons the hotel group so I can help with teaching little tricks for your Hotel, I can give english classes, I can help with pretty much anything.
My idea would be to stay at you Hotel pay for may stay and work with you during the day.

Do you think this is feasible? Is there any specific time frame that would be convenient?

I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best


Hi Captain B

I've many baby clothings (rompers, pyjamas, t-shirts, shorts, etc), shoes, milk bottles, new teats/pacifiers/diapers,etc, baby toys, blankets, towels, etc etc to donate to your good cause. May I know if you accept these items and if so, how do I pass them to you please? Btw, yours and Peggy's work is just so amazing, inspiring and wonderful!! Keep it up! You have all our support! God bless!!


Hi Capt.Budi
I am keen to donate some baby and household items (such as a TV, baby clothes, baby chair, etc), which are used but in good condition and wanted to know if you accept such donations from residents of Singapore. If yes, can you please let me know where I can deposit these in Singapore?
Appreciate your time to respond to my query above.


hi, i happened to know about your blog when i google for orphanage. do you still accept donation-in-kind? i have some preloved books and clothes, which i planned to send to any charity organisation. pls do let me know if you are still collecting donation for the needy and where can i send it to. thanks.

ms phang (singapore)

selamat pagi
Yang paling kita butuhkan adalah cinta kasih terhadap anak anak

Dear CaptainB,

I have children's clothes to donate but some of these are winter clothes. Would you want these winter clothes? If not, would you know of any other organisations that might need them? Thanks

Hi, I'm Cpt Budi's daughter, the winter clothes are very useful for the kids there perhaps ranging from ages 0 - 18, we usually take the kids on trips to mountainous areas, and it gets very cold at night during the raining season, they usually jsut curl up in a ball in the car rides cause its so cold. even if the winter clothes wont fit my mother usually drops off bags of clothing for some of the villages that cars can't reach , very deep in the mountain villages, and the temperature drops till about 14 to 15 degrees. so any form of donation is useful to us and it will definitely be put to use.


Hw do I donate infant cloths, shoes, adults thick blanklets, winter wear ? Pls advice

Hi may i check with you.... Do you welcome used children clothes and new soft toys?I can deliver to you if you don't mind...Maybe still have some used books...Thanks...

Dear Madam Wendy ,
Thank you for your kindness and help. Our place is a hot place so we do not require winter clothing. We would like to get more of children clothing and any thing for the children ( simple English books etc).

To Madam Shierly Tay ( Stcy) ,
Thank you also for your kindness and help.,
Yes we do need the children clothing and soft toys. I will be going to New York tomorrow , please call me on Jan 5th after 12:00 .

Happy New Year to you both

Budi and family

Dear Capt Budi
I have posted here previously.
I must have missed your email, till date, the clothes and toys are still at my place :p.

Will have the use of the car next Sat 26th Jan 08 say abt noon, so I can ferry these things over. Can you advise me if i should drop them off at your premises or the Circular Road office at the said date?
My alternative email is poopeepoopee@hotmail.com

Dear Capt Budi,

I have some babies clothes, childrens clothes, books and toys that I can deliver to you. Please can you let me when when your next visit will be? If its a problem of allowance for flight I can contribute towards the cost.


Hi Sir.. I just crossed by your website today, and i'm so touched with those poor kids over there. I just wondering if you have an account where i could probably help them ease their situation.

Thank you

Dear Mr Jacob,
Thank you for your intention but especially thank you your attention to the children. There is a account at the web under , " what and how to help" , but if you are in Singapore , you may send it to me and I will resend it together with my monthly commitment ( after my payday which is the 21st) so there won't be any additional fees upon sending it. My address is 9 Rhu Cross, Costa Rhu , Livonia 03-05 , Singapore 437436. if it is a cheque , please write to Soehardi SB .
Budi and family

Dear Madam Chiatali
Thank you for your help and kindness. I am in Singapore till tomorrow but on Wed I will be going overseas for 6 days.
Budi and family

Puji Tuhan,berkatNYA selalu mengalir bagi anda sekeluarga dimanapun anda berada,Jika mas Budi kembali berada di LA jangan lupa telpon Agung di2134434829,terahir sangat dinantikan telpon dari Mas Budi,Desember/Januari .Mengenai perpustakaan Mas Budi di Timor,kalau perlu mengenai seluk beluk nya,bisa saya tanyakan kepastor saya di ROMA yang memegang jabatan dalam library gereja di Roma,Italy .Pertama kali saya kenal kira2 10th yl,ketika cuti dari Roma,dari ordonya ditugaskan ke Orlando dan chotbah digereja saya,karena asalnya dari Indo saya undang makan malam bersama dan berawallah perkenalan dengan beliau dan tahun berikutnya setiap ada chance keUSA selalu tinggal dirumah saya.sampai th 2002 dipanggil pulang ke Indo oleh ordonya karena tugas belajarnya diRoma selesai.Setelah satu/dua th diIndo,dapat panggilan dari Roma(gereja Katolik) dan diberi tugas memegang perpustakaan disana sampai saat ini ,Terahir kontak saya waktu Natal/Tahun Baru 2008.Salam dari ODB-USA

Jika berniat menyumbangkan pakaian untuk proyek kemanusiaan diTimor,apa bisa dititipkan dari LA,Jika Mas Budi landing diLA.Salam untuk mbakyu Peggy dan anak2 dari Orlando Daytona Beach

Turut berduka cita atas meninggalnya salah satu anak asuh anda.Memang anda sudah menjalankan tugas dengan baik dan benar .kedokter dan kerumah sakit,tapi kita kan hanya manusia biasa,ada yang lebih berkuasa yang menentukan,yaitu Sang Maha Pencipta,semoga anda selalu diberi kekuatan untuk menghadapinya.GBU all in Timor from ODB-USA

YTH bapak Fred Imansjah,
Sungguh luar biasa perhatian bapak kepada kami, Terima kasih kami yang tak terhingga untuk bapak dan keluarga di Orlando. Nanti kalau saya ke LA , saya akan hub anda. Untuk buku dan pakaian kalau dibawa dari LA bukan nya kami tidak mau tetapi kami ada kesulitan dalam membawanya dari sana kemari. Terima kasih tetapi maaf kami tidak bisa membawa nya dari sana. Soal perpusakaan kami sangat berterima kasih kalau bisa dibantu dalam melengkapi nya. Memang pendidikan adalah yang paling utama dan yang merupakan pemberian yang paling baik kita bagi generasi muda , dimana saja , siapa saja dan kapan saja. Regards. Budi and family

Dear Friend,
I have some free Christain children's books that are in English if you could use them for the children. Also, I have female clothing that is used but in good condition for children ages 4 years to 7 years old if you can use it. If you want me to mail these to you, please email me at jasminegreenministries@yahoo.com and let me know the address where I should mail them. Thank you! Sincerely, Ginger Tallie (California)

Dear Madam Green
Thank you for your kindness which you sent it from such a far away place.
Indeed we need them for the children over there
If I have the time , I will try to make my way to see you in person in LA some time soon.I am going to LA tomorrow but I will be quite busy and will not be able to visit you this time . Few prearranged meeting has been schedule while I am in LA.
Thank you again and have a blessed day , always


Halo Capt!

Saya pasang ajah, ya, alamat website Roslin Orphanage di Skype, MSN dan YM saya, biar temen2 saya dan orang2 yang liat, bisa buka.

Rencana libur panjang nanti, pas Lebaran jika ada kesempatannya, saya mau main, ke sono :D.

Capt dan Tante Pegy ada di sana,kah?

selamat sore mbak Linda,
Silahkan di pasang, terima kasih.
Kapan ya lebaran ? Alangkah enak nya kalau saya juga libur waktu itu dan bisa disana rame rame.


Budi dan keluarga

Hi Capt Budi

We chanced upon your website and find your cause is very meaningful. As we have kept many children's books, clothings (from baby to 4years old) and toys which we wanted to donate to these children. Can we pass these items to you in Singapore address at 9 Rhu Cross, Costa Rhu , Livonia 03-05. Or, is there any other drop-off location in the east of Singapore?
Here's our email for further contact at ilnkk09@gmail.com

Hi Budi

I chanced upon your website and am very touched by both you and your wife, Peggy's love to these little ones. As i have the intention to pass some baby/children clothings, toys and books to a local charity, i would like to pass them to you instead. Is your Singapore address still valid - Costa Rhu - Livonia? I hope to hear from you.
Have a blessed day.
Best Regards
Karin Marilyn Kho

Hi Captain B,
Would like to check with you if you guys are looking for volunteers?
As volunteering in an orphanage has always been what i wish and hope to do for these innocent children - teach language, teach arts, etc...


Dear Ivan and Karin,
thank you .
The books just great for us , we need them . We need the simple English book not only for the little one but also for the older one . English is needed to be learn for all of the children at the orphanage.
Thank you so much.

Budi and family

Dear Karin and Marilyn Kho,
Thank you so much
Our address is 9 Rhu Cross, Costa Rhu, Livonia 03-05 , Singapore 437436.
we really appreciate your kindness.
Thank you .

Budi and family

Dear Rowena,
Yes we need person like you .
Any knowledge is a good knowledge to learn and to pass it to the children on improving their education.
Hope to see you soon in Singapore.

Budi and family

Hi Budi
Would like to pass some baby/children clothings, toys and books. Pls let me know when is convenient to drop by yr place to pass to u.

Tks alot.

Rgds, Serina

Good morning madam Serina,

Thank you very much for your kindness.
Yes we would like to have them and to bring them to the orphanage but we are in the middle of shifting to a new place. I shall contact you after we are done with the new place. Thank yo and have a blessed day

Budi and family

pak Budi, kita baru keliling2 website dan liat blog yg terbaru yg di lis oleh sis lay kean.. ttg pengalamannya dia selama di panti, kita jadi pengen kesana dan ngalamin langsung ..kami terus bantu dalam doa untuk pelayanan pak Budi sekeluarga...

salam utk ibu dan semua

Willim& Nina NG

Selamat malam pak dan bu Willem di New York,
Semoga tidak capek waktu keliling blog kami ha ha ha .
Ini adalah selamat datang kami sebelum kedatangannya nanti .
Terima kasih atas doa nya , kami sangat membutuhkan nya dalam pelayanan kami disana.
Terpujilah Tuhan selama nya
Budi dan keluarga

Hallo Pak Budi, saya benar tersentuh dengan web site ini. Tolong email saya untuk kira2 apa yang mereka butuhkan. Saya akan coba bantu, since I am in Singapore too.

Dear ibu Jessica,
Salam sejahtera.
Terima kasih atas encouragement nya.
Yang anak anak butuhkan paling utama adalah kasih sayang dan pendidikan.
Mohon bantu doa nya.
Kalau ada waktu silahkan mampir ke panti asuhan kami.

Budi dan keluaga

Hi CaptainB,
I was looking for opportunities to contribute to orphanages in singapore and found your website by chance. I am deeply touched by your commitment and love for the children. I would be happy if I can contribute as well. Look forward to hear from you. Thanks.

Dear Madam Lydia and family,

Thank you for your encouragements.
Please come and stay with us if you have the time.

Have a blessed day

Budi and family

Dear Budi and Peggy,
Hi! Blessings to all the angels there. We are a couple who just moved to Singapore from Europe. We would love to visit your center to share our gifts and friendship with your family and children during the Chinese New Year.
Please let us know how we could get there from Singapore.


Dear Miss Jean.

It was great that we met up .
I hope that you can make the trip soon while we are there .
Please let us know if you need more information about how to get there and what to do.

Have a blessed day

Budi and family

Hi, Budi,
May I have your location in Singapore as i would like to mail something over for the children in the orphanage?


Dear Sir/Madam Maru Totoro and family ,

Thank you for your kindness.
Our address is blk 24 Fernwood Towers # 12-02 , Singapore 458554.


Budi and family

Do you have any Orphanages in Bali?

Good morning to Children of Bali

I know a great person who you can contact in Bali. Please call Dr Ketut Waspada . He is looking after an prphanage in Bali .


Hi CaptainB,
I'm not certain how we can visit your orphanage but do you happen to know of any Orphanage in Singapore itself that me and my friend can visit and help out as a volunteer?

Good morning , please try the Pertapis. I will try to find them for you asap.


Hi Captain B,
I read about you and the orphanage in the newspaper recently.
I hope that you will be able to get a job soon. Have faith in the good Lord that he will continue to provide for you, your family and all the kids at the orphanage.
God is good, ALL THE TIME!!
I am a new mummy (my daughter is 10mths now) and I have some baby products to give away. New milk bottles, teats, new pillows, bolsters, blankets. Toys. Mostly new! Do you need them? I would like to donate to the orphanage.
Please let me know how I can get in touch with you or pass the items to you.


I have just finished reading your story & seeing the newscast on CNN. You have touched my heart so much. The children you are taking care of are so very lucky to have you in their lives. I hope the people that read your story can take minute, an hour, a day or even a week to give back to those who need our help. If we all did this every day, what a wonderful world this truly would be. If everyone gave of themselves as you you and wife have done we cpould end so much poverty in the world. God Bless you and the children. You are all in my prayers. I am sending your orphange a small donation, I am just sorry it is not more. But Iwill tell everyone I know about you mission in hopes that they will give from their hearts also.

Dear Captain Budi,

I saw your story today on CNN.com ... I would love to send you some items for the children. Can you tell me what you are most in need of, and whether I should mail the package(s) to your home or directly to Roslin Orphanage? I am in the United States. Thank you and god bless you and your dear wife for doing so much for the children!

Elaine H.

I just wanted to stop by and say that you guys are very special people! your children are extremely lucky to have such caring people taking care of them. May god bless you all